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World Book Day Mrs Twit Corn flake stuck to my cheek and a pair of

World Book Day Mrs Twit Corn flake stuck to my cheek and a pair of


World Book Day Mrs Twit Corn flake stuck to my cheek and a pair of false teeth. The kids at school had no idea I who I was.

Mrs Twit costume, World Book Day.

World book day! Mrs Twit!

Mrs Twit fancy dress costume

Mrs Twit This is the look I am aiming for! I have a Mr Twit

World Book Day 2015, The Twits, Danny the Champion of the World, easy costumes, look fantastic! Mrs Twit

Orphan Costume Annie the musical fancy dress

Mrs Twit Mrs Twit, Roald Dahl Day, The Twits, World Book Day Costumes

The Twits World Book Day costume

It wouldn't be World Book Day without a few Roald Dahl-inspired costumes

“Oh do shut up you old hag.....” Mr &

... the world of reading. Twitter user Vicki Bowles' child went into school dressed as an Argos catalogue. She

Mr Twit for #worldbookday this morning, complete with cornflakes and spaghetti in his beard

We have a Mr twit and a beautiful belle 🥰 there were meant to be a

(Picture: ...

(Picture: Tesco)

The BFG costume £14 from Asda

Cartoonish vulgarity was not as edgy as it could have been

Another silly entry, as a student comes in dressed as the A470

World Book Day 2019!! Meet Mr Twit (From Winchester obvs 😂) and

And they're not the characters you would expect

So we revisited Mr Twit for World Book Day because he wanted black hair again 🙈


Only Fools And Horses superfan Ashton Davies, six, from Chatham, Kent

(Picture: Amazon)

My own messy monkey celebrating World Book Day 2019. Wonder how long the wig and

Mason Norris, age 6, as Jon Snow from book-turned-cult series

B.M. Bower

Annalise, sixth and final granddaughter, on the day of her coming out, 6.16.18


My review

A superb costume of Horace Slughorn transfigured into an armchair, along with Harry Potter

George, 9, dressed as Grandpa from David Walliams' Grandpas Great Escape

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21 Roald ...

Anna Hudson as Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Comedian Joe Heenan's son as Begbie from Trainspotting, by Irvine Welsh

'The Twits' by Roald Dahl Never fails to make me

The BG guide to … easy World Book Day costumes

Golden Ticket costume £10 from Asda

22 Roald ...

... Vote (NPV) scheme that will put an end to the Electoral College is the abject ignorance and lack of civics education of the typical American voter.

There is still time to vote for Fatima Farheen Mirza's A PLACE FOR US (SJP for Hogarth), our Penguin Random House finalist for the 2019 “One Book, ...

#mrtwit #worldbookday #homemade #roalddahl

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Shauna Peppard's son comes in as his favourite footballer, Luis Suarez, and proudly holds

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I got more PIZZAZZ than that guy and I've been DEAD for three Days!"

Happy World Book Day from Mr Twit and The Enormous Crocodile! Swipe 👉🏼 to

To celebrate 100 years of Roald Dahl, Love Reading has ...


TED CRUZ Has Brilliant Way to Pay For The Border Wall That Would Cost Taxpayers Nothing - Only Common Sense Here

Helen on the left, Claire on the right.

Banned FIFA 19 pro says he didn't know slur was homophobic because he's from London. "

If you were wondering what the exhaustive list of titles ...

How about the parents of horror writers? Do they wonder how they raised a child who could so graphically kill a character in their novel?

Woman who accused Keith Ellison of abuse speaks out - Only Common Sense Here

Frankie as Mr Twit for world book day🧔🏻#mrtwit #worldbookday #roalddahl

Because each of them hates the other one, they play practical jokes.

... Fullscreen

Reading that a Hogarth Shakespeare take on Macbeth had been published caught my interest. But who was this Jo Nesbø who authored it?

... Popular Vote" became a vital part of each Democrat's personal platform. Their buzzword?

My favourite book is Trainspotting (and pretty much everything else Irvine Welsh writes). My signed copy is my most prized possession!

World Book Day props for Charlie & the Chocolate Factory costume - Veruca Salt

Since Matilda's parents are neglectful and abusive, they think of Matilda as nothing more than


Spring: Ali Smith in conversation

World book day, My little Twit! #mrtwit #thetwits #roalddahl

Don't be fooled by the sweet, family-man exterior. This man terrified you when you were a child. Image: Dahl with his family, wife Patricia Neal and ...

In it, he spoke reverently of the past, of his accomplishments during his eight years ...

The Shroud—A Classic Horror Novel by John Coyne—Read It Here!

World Book Day 2015: teachers get into costume – in pictures

Work book day-Mr Twit. . . . . #worldbookday #fancydress #

TRUMP FACE by Mark Spitzer Cover Artist Mark Spitzer is the author of 25 books, mostly about fish. He is currently a professor of creative writing somewhere ...

Channel ...

The Losers' Club is Back: The 'IT Chapter 2' Trailer Has Arrived

How to Lose a Country: Ece Temelkuran in conversation

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Jeff Flake and the Hated—Yet Vital—Libertarian Center

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World book day 2016: the best children's costumes - in pictures

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A Crime Double-Bill with C L Taylor and Emily Koch

Fantastic World Book Day Costumes For Kids

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