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Sleeping compartment WR of CRH2 trainset trenes t

Sleeping compartment WR of CRH2 trainset trenes t


China railways CRH2 unit 001.jpg

CRH2A-2260&2011 at Xiamen Railway Station


The CRH2 developed from the E2 Series Shinkansen

The 2017 version of CRH2E with double-deck windows on the outside.



A CRH2E old style sleeper car

The Beijing–Shangqiu high-speed train (京商高速动车组列车) are high-speed train services between Beijing and Shangqiu, a city in east Henan Province.

China Railway CRH1

Hong Kong[edit]

CRH380BJ-0301 on Beijing–Kowloon railway

CRH2B at Wuxi Station

Second boom[edit]

An eight-car China Railways CRH5 train-set. The CRH5 is derived from the Alstom Pendolino ETR600.

High-speed rail

The high-speed train services between Zhengzhou and Shenzhen

A CRH2E arriving Beijing West Railway Station as D924 Guangzhou-Beijing overnight train in 2015. A CRH2E old style sleeper car

RENFE Class 730

Shanghai Maglev Train connecting the Shanghai Pudong International Airport with the city


"Going Nowhere" Car interior, Washington & Old Dominion R.R." ca 1930

A CR400AF trainset waiting for departure at Beijing South Railway Station as G1 in September 2017; From September 21, 2017, 7 pairs of Beijing-Shanghai ...

Yamagata · Akita

CRH2A First Class Coach 200908

The high-speed train services between Beijing and Shanghai

China Railway CRH6

Slowdown in financing and construction


Sleeping compartment (WR) of CRH2 trainset. Dining car (CA) of CRH1 trainset Basketball Court, Train, Dining, Bar

The high-speed train services between Beijing and Zhengzhou

Chinese designed CRH380A train leaving Shanghai's Hongqiao Station.

Wenzhou train collision )

YHT at Ankara.JPG

This is the coupe of AC Sleeper . This is one of the most luxurious seating arrangement for passengers

Buffet Car of CRH2B

Amtrak Viewliner, a single-level sleeping car

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Age of Steam by Neil Cherry

Germany's ICE 3 running on the Cologne–Frankfurt high-speed rail line

Concept image showing the Talgo AVRIL's duckbill-nosed power car, which now has a passenger compartment and equipment moved underfloor, and a car-joining ...

High-speed rail in Uzbekistan

Dutch Green train

A lineup of JR West Shinkansen trains in October 2008

car door


Business class compartment inside a CRH380BL train.

The domestically-produced China Railways DJJ2 (China Star) high-speed train set speed record of 321 km/h (199 mph) on the Qinshen Passenger Railway, ...

Two coupled 8-car CRH1A electric multiple unit train sets in Nanchang. CRH2

CHR Trains - Shenzhen Train Schedule China Train, Hiking Training, High Speed Rail,

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The Shangqiu-Hangzhou HSR, part of the Harbin-Hong Kong (Macau) Passageway, under construction in Shangqiu, Henan Province, in February 2017.

A lineup of JR East Shinkansen trains in October 2012 JR East Shinkansen lineup at Niigata

Cost comparisons


A CityNightLine double-decker sleeping car

CRH3 trains on the Wuhan–Guangzhou high-speed railway in February 2010. The line, which opened in December 2009, reduced travel time by rail between Wuhan ...

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Sleeping cabin of a NSW TrainLink XPT in 2013.

201603 Compartment Connection for CRH2CII 1

Doctor Yellow - JR Central's Class 923 "Doctor Yellow" set T4 on the Sanyo

The Italian ETR 200

Yamagata · Akita

CRH 1A in Shenzhen-Xiamen HSR

Business class coach (SW) of trainset

High-speed rail in Australia

A maglev train coming out, Pudong International Airport, Shanghai

UP Motor Car #8 Description: The interior of #8 shows the ornate stained

A China Railways CRH3 train set on the Beijing–Tianjin Intercity Railway

Higher-speed rail

SS8-0228 Guangzhou East 20100725

Alvia 120-861 Madrid-Hendaya.jpg

E6 and E5 series Shinkansen models

A CRH2C, possibly a sleeper train, on the Longhai Railway outside of city walls of Xi'an.

High Speed Rail, Beijing, Shanghai, Train Booking, Speed Training, Commercial Vehicle


List of train models

CRH service on upgraded conventional lines


British Railways Mark 1 sleeping car

2016 Kumamoto earthquakes - Image: 2016 Kumamoto earthquake Kumamoto Castle 4

V150 train, modified TGV, conventional world speed record holder (574.8 km/h or 357.2 mph)


Engineer's compartment on the CRH3


Interior of a second class coach.

The French CC 7100, 1955 record holder


The high-speed train services between Beijing and Hangzhou

Gatimaan Express ...

The Taiwan THSR[edit]

Le Capitole[edit]

A passenger's view of Shinkansen coaches Close look at Shinkansen coaches.JPG

A hard sleeper compartmenton the Guilin - Shenzhen train